Welcome to the Field Precision LLC Web Log. I’m the Chief Scientist and Program Developer. I ran my first program on an IBM 1620 in 1963, and I’ve been active in numerical methods for science and engineering since then.

As a participant over the entire history of personal computers, I’ve seen the best and worst in computer applications. In this blog, I want to share my consulting and programming experience to help you use your computer more effectively. Future articles will fall into the following categories:

  • Tricks for efficient calculations, alternatives to the brute force approach.
  • Resolving problems our software users encounter.
  • Numerical methods to find physical quantities like capacitance and force.
  • Announcements of new software capabilities and bug fixes.
  • Limitations of numerical methods and how to circumvent them.
  • General tips for wresting control of your computer from Windows.

Read the latest posts or go to the page Posts by program to check all articles on a specific program. I hope the information proves useful. Note that there are no financial arrangements for any of the programs and Websites that I recommend. Please leave your comments or requests on our site or contact me directly at humphriess@fieldp.com.

– Stan Humphries

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