GamBet improvements

We have made improvements to GamBet to help in designing radiation detectors. The changes facilitate what-if type studies. For example, a user may want to determine the relative contributions of Compton scattering versus pair production to an output electron spectrum.

There are two changes:

Expansion of the FORCE command for variance reduction via interaction forcing. The command now […]

How to make your computer sound like a typewriter, redux

In a blog last year (How to make your computer sound like a typewriter), I described how to add typewriter sounds to a computer keyboard using Jingle Keyboard freeware. I recorded a sound set from an IBM Selectric and made it available to use with the program. The article, which also touched on why you might […]

Steel 1008 and 1018 BH curves

I recently had an Internet experience that I have repeated far too often. I needed saturation data for 1008 and 1018 steel for a magnet calculation. These are two of the most common materials used in electromagnets, motors and transformers. The devices are clearly useful — their design involves 100s of thousands of people around the […]

Designing electron sheet-beam injectors with OmniTrak

There has been considerable recent interest in the design of injectors for intense electron beams with non-circular cross sections. The motivating application is the generation of narrow sheet beams to drive novel high-frequency, high-power microwave sources. A sign of the importance of the problem is that U.S. taxpayers have felt compelled to spend 2.743 gazillion dollars […]

Expanded plot features in MagWinder

One of the major task in simulating three-dimensional electromagnets is the definition of complex drive coils. The utility MagWinder is part of the Magnum program suite. Drive circuits are represented in Magnum by dividing them into a large set of short segments (or current elements). MagWinder provides an interactive environment where users can build magnet windings […]