Parallel processing optimization

The Professional version of the 3D field-solution programs Aether, HiPhi, Magnum, HeatWave, RFE3 and field updates in OmniTrak use parallel processing routines of OpenMP to achieve significant reductions in run-time on multi-core computers. Some users have reported that the programs sometimes fail to implement parallel processing. This article addresses two topics:

The limitations of parallel processing and [...]

Parallel computing in GamBet

Monte Carlo calculations are by nature intensive. Accuracy is limited by statistics − calculations often require millions of events. In response, we have included extensive support for parallel processing in the GamBet Monte Carlo code for radiation transport:

On a single machine level, the program can employ the full resources of multicore computers with almost no overhead. In [...]

Defining material properties for PerMag and Magnum

PerMag and Magnum calculate magnetostatic fields in 2D and 3D geometries. An noteworthy feature of the programs is the ability to represent saturation effects in iron-like materials (i.e., non-linear solutions). To perform the calculations, the programs require data on the response of the specific materials. The two programs use different calculation methods, so they require different [...]

Online magnet calculators

Last week I received the type of tech-help inquiry that accounts for 83% of strokes among software developers. A user reported that results from our 3D code did not agree with numbers he obtained from one of those free magnet calculators that you find on the Internet. Given the choice of believing a finite-element, multi-processor program [...]

Using two-dimensional field solutions in OmniTrak

An OmniTrak feature that may not be familiar is the capability to include two-dimensional field solutions from Estat or PerMag. I recently had a consulting job where this was just the thing I needed, so I thought I would take this opportunity to review why the feature is valuable and how to apply it.

There are two [...]