New features for automatic program operation

One of the outstanding features of our software is the use of input scripts, a classic feature of early programs that we have updated. The term script refers to a text file of input data for a program run. Figure 1 shows the role of input scripts in Field Precision software. Years ago, the primary input [...]

Test magnetostatic solution: simple coil with boundaries

In this article, we’ll advance to 2D magnetostatic solutions using the programs Mesh and PerMag. The previous articles on electrostatics have given background on the basic concepts of FEM calculations and program operation. Therefore, in this lecture and following ones I’ll concentrate on the special features of magnetic field calculations. In preparation, I suggest you try [...]

Aether simulation: heating dielectric samples in a waveguide

Recently I had an inquiry from a user interested in microwave heating of dielectric samples in a air-filled waveguide. The application presented a good opportunity to apply the recently-developed capability for coupling Aether solutions to HeatWave, so I wrote and tested a set of template input files.

In the solution, the sample was suspended at the center [...]

Parallel processing optimization

The Professional version of the 3D field-solution programs Aether, HiPhi, Magnum, HeatWave, RFE3 and field updates in OmniTrak use parallel processing routines of OpenMP to achieve significant reductions in run-time on multi-core computers. Some users have reported that the programs sometimes fail to implement parallel processing. This article addresses two topics:

The limitations of parallel processing and [...]

Parallel computing in GamBet

Monte Carlo calculations are by nature intensive. Accuracy is limited by statistics − calculations often require millions of events. In response, we have included extensive support for parallel processing in the GamBet Monte Carlo code for radiation transport:

On a single machine level, the program can employ the full resources of multicore computers with almost no overhead. In [...]