Mapper: creating field maps from midplane data

Information on 3D electric and/or magnetic fields can be ported to the OmniTrak program for charged-particle beam physics in two forms:

Finite-element field solutions from HiPhi or Magnum.
Maps of field values on a regular grid.

With regard to the second option, the Mapper program supplied with OmniTrak is one source of field maps. In Mapper, the user enters [...]

2D/3D simulations of microwave heating in resonant cavities

We recently added the capability to export three-dimensional power-density distributions calculated by Aether in the RF mode to HeatWave for thermal simulations. A user suggested an application – heating of dielectric objects in a microwave resonator. We carried out detailed calculations for this application to test the new code features and to confirm the existing capabilities [...]

Improvements: OmniTrak CircBeam and RectBeam tools

Changes in program capabilities usually occur when I am involved in a consulting project. While working intensively with a program, I invariably find that there is a missing feature or that an existing feature is irritating. Both aspects apply to the CircBeam and RectBeam tools of OmniTrak.

To review, the CircBeam tool creates a particle file (PRT) [...]

Organizing data file sets

In the beginning, you either had an IBM PC or a clone. In either case, the operating system was MSDOS which was supplied with no utilities whatever. Organizing files with DOS commands was time-consuming and frustrating. It was a joy when the first two-window file management programs were released. The best-known example was Norton Commander, although [...]

Coil force integrals in Magnum

The magnetic force on a vector current element dl carrying current I in a magnetic field with flux density B is

dF = I dl × B    (1)

In Magnum applied currents are represented by a collection of filamentary elements, so you might think that it would be straightforward to implement automatic routines to find forces on drive coils. [...]