New features for automatic program operation

One of the outstanding features of our software is the use of input scripts, a classic feature of early programs that we have updated. The term script refers to a text file of input data for a program run. Figure 1 shows the role of input scripts in Field Precision software. Years ago, the primary input […]

FP File Organizer: new feature

I feel there are two programs that are essential for efficient use of a personal computer:

text editor
two-window file manager

Regarding text editors, people who use NotePad or Word may as well tie a cement block to their mouse. The freeware ConText editor is such a good choice that I would not attempt to duplicate its function. On […]

Parallel processing optimization

The Professional version of the 3D field-solution programs Aether, HiPhi, Magnum, HeatWave, RFE3 and field updates in OmniTrak use parallel processing routines of OpenMP to achieve significant reductions in run-time on multi-core computers. Some users have reported that the programs sometimes fail to implement parallel processing. This article addresses two topics:

The limitations of parallel processing and […]

Uniscale update, continued

It’s an eventful time for Uniscale! Although thousands of people have downloaded the program over a two-year time period, yesterday I received the first useful suggestion for improving the program! A user pointed out that in the Find graph points and Drawing dimensions windows, it was often difficult to align the mouse cursor precisely and to […]

Uniscale update

The Field Precision Universal Scale is a high-accuracy spatial measurement system for any information that can be displayed on a computer screen: graphs in reports and publications, drawings, medical images and photographs.  We’ve made the program available at no charge as a service to the scientific and engineering communities. I recently had opportunity to use Uniscale […]