FP File Organizer: new feature

I feel there are two programs that are essential for efficient use of a personal computer:

text editor
two-window file manager

Regarding text editors, people who use NotePad or Word may as well tie a cement block to their mouse. The freeware ConText editor is such a good choice that I would not attempt to duplicate its function. On [...]

Converting video formats

This year’s major project at Field Precision is educational — a full-length video course on how to calculate static electric and magnetic fields with finite-element methods. Of course, the sub-context is the essential techniques and insights to use our software effectively (e.g., how to design meshes for maximum speed and accuracy…).

In preparation, I updated my copy [...]

How to do anything in Xojo

Xojo is a nice programing environment for the quick creation of interactive Windows utilities. Despite its extensive capabilities, a time always comes when you need to accomplish a relatively simple task that isn’t supported. My un-aha moment came when I wanted to fine-tune the cursor position in FP Uniscale using the arrow keys. This capability is [...]

Uniscale update, continued

It’s an eventful time for Uniscale! Although thousands of people have downloaded the program over a two-year time period, yesterday I received the first useful suggestion for improving the program! A user pointed out that in the Find graph points and Drawing dimensions windows, it was often difficult to align the mouse cursor precisely and to [...]

Parallel computing in GamBet

Monte Carlo calculations are by nature intensive. Accuracy is limited by statistics − calculations often require millions of events. In response, we have included extensive support for parallel processing in the GamBet Monte Carlo code for radiation transport:

On a single machine level, the program can employ the full resources of multicore computers with almost no overhead. In [...]