Improvements: OmniTrak CircBeam and RectBeam tools

Changes in program capabilities usually occur when I am involved in a consulting project. While working intensively with a program, I invariably find that there is a missing feature or that an existing feature is irritating. Both aspects apply to the CircBeam and RectBeam tools of OmniTrak.

To review, the CircBeam tool creates a particle file (PRT) […]

HelpTags and ToolTips in RealBasic and Xojo

HelpTags and ToolTips are the small instruction boxes that appear when the mouse cursor hovers over a window control or toolbar entry. Xojo (nee RealBasic) supports them, but it is not immediately apparent how to use them effectively. This article discusses options to fine-tune the user experience.

A HelpTag is the easiest way to create a help […]

Organizing your computer day

Running a business involves many redundant activities. For example, if there is a technical question about a program, I first check the instruction manual. If there is a purchase inquiry, I confirm prices in our catalog. I use standard text inserts in many E mail responses. Each activity involves running a program and finding a file. […]

Multistage calculations in Trak and OmniTrak

The term End-to-end simulation has a mystical power in calculations of charged-particle devices. In the end-to-end simulation, the user inserts starting conditions and the code handles everything thereafter, presumably with all the physics included. The user retires and finds, upon returning, that the code has passed the answer. The allure of the end-to-end simulation lies in […]