Short circuit near a gas transmission line

I can help out with consulting support if a potential customer is unsure which of our programs to use for an application and what is the best computational strategy. On occasion, I will do a courtesy analysis if an application is particularly interesting.

A trial user posed the problem related to the system of Fig. 1. A […]

Conductive-type electrostatic solutions

EStat and HiPhi can determine dielectric-type and conductive-type electrostatic solutions. As discussed in the program manuals, both types involve a solution to the Poisson equation. There are two differences in conductive solutions:

The relative dielectric ? is replaced with the conductivity ?.
There is no accumulation of space-charge, ? = 0.0.

A customer recently suggested a good EStat accuracy test […]

Launching Windows programs and batch files in RealBasic

In the development of a file management module for our program controllers, I encountered several instances where it was necessary to launch external programs and batch files from the RealBasic program. With the combined quirks of RealBasic and Windows DOS commands, the procedures involved some subtleties that I will share in this article.


Task: Open a external […]

Organizing data file sets

In the beginning, you either had an IBM PC or a clone. In either case, the operating system was MSDOS which was supplied with no utilities whatever. Organizing files with DOS commands was time-consuming and frustrating. It was a joy when the first two-window file management programs were released. The best-known example was Norton Commander, although […]