Long arcs in Mesh and MetaMesh

Like many of these articles, this one was written in response to a user problem. In this case, the user found an issue in Mesh illustrated in Fig. 1. The mesh for a simple shape should look like the bottom illustration, but instead looks like the top one. The error was associated with the long arc […]

Is it easy to use?

I worked as a pulsed-power experimentalist in laboratories through the 70s and 80s. During that time, we bought a lot of equipment: pulse generators, delay boxes, vacuum systems, power supplies,…. If we were buying an oscilloscope, we might ask questions like: What’s the frequency response? What’s the absolute accuracy and linearity? What’s the fastest trace that […]

Testing your permanent-magnet purchases

Rare-earth permanent magnets are usually manufactured overseas, and there is intense competition between suppliers. Even experienced designers often rely on manufacturers’ specifications without question. I have worked on projects where the fields of magnet assemblies used for years have been found to be well below the values predicted by codes based on the claimed values of […]

Reflection of Magnum solutions

We can reduce computation time for three-dimensional magnetic-field solutions in Magnum through the use of symmetry planes. The application of symmetry conditions on boundaries makes it possible to cut the size of solution volumes to a half, a quarter and even an eighth of their original size. The speed increase follows from two effects: 1) a […]