Universal curves for high-frequency wire losses

My original intent was to write an article to show when it is necessary to use an eddy-current code to find time-varying magnetic fields and when a static field code like Magnum is sufficient. As a preliminary, I thought it would be useful to review how eddy currents affect magnetic fields in single wires. This tutorial […]

Sharing dimensions of Mesh setups

My consulting projects involve beam optics studies for a variety of devices: electron guns, transport solenoids, beam collectors,….. Typically, I develop optimal shapes for cathodes and internal electrodes and then send the information to the customer’s engineers who worry about external matters (power supplies, vacuum seals, high-voltage insulation, cooling,…). This process involves communicating dimensions.

In principle, all […]

GamBet computing power unleashed

GamBet, our Monte Carlo code for X-ray science and technology, has always been ahead of competitors with regard to special features (I’ll mention some later). In the past other packages may have had more raw computing power. We advanced the number-crunching capability of GamBet last year when we introduced parallel processing (http://fieldp.com/myblog/2011/multicore-gambet/). With this feature, GamBet […]