Particle flux plots in Gendist

A recent consulting project involved Xenos simulations of an intense, non-circular electron beam striking a graphite beam stop. A phosphor plate on the downstream face of the target was used as a diagnostic. The researchers wanted to know how the shape of the phosphor response correlated with the shape of the beam. One option was to […]

Counter-intuition in permanent magnet circuits

On average, physical intuition is useful half the time and misleading the other half. As a case in point, a trial user set up what he felt was the most basic magnet problem to test Magnum. The program returned results that differed from his expectation by about a factor of five. He contacted me to find […]

Improved extrusion model in Geometer/MetaMesh

MetaMesh (our 3D automatic mesh generator) accepts geometric information from a wide variety of sources (see Automatic meshing of printed circuits). For relatively simple systems, the quickest path to a mesh is through the native combinatorial solid modeler of MetaMesh. A variety of shape models are available. One of the most useful is the extrusion, the […]