Identifying a proxy server

As part of the license management system, our main technical programs make an Internet check of the computer activation status. Setting up an activation setup is largely automatic on most computers, requiring little user effort. Some manual operations are necessary if the user’s computer is on a company network with a proxy server. This posting reviews […]

Large FTP uploads

An update of our software installation packages involves uploading 42 files with sizes that range from 20-120 MB. Each file must be placed in a different directory on our server. An FTP program like FileZilla is useful for day-to-day file updating, but lacks script operation features. In this case, an update would involve a tedious process […]

Using Magnum to calculate flux coupling

A customer working with RFID devices asked me about finding magnetic flux inside a detector coil surrounded by an array of drive coils. The drive coils may move around or rotate. There are no iron structures. The calculations are fast and easy using the free-space mode of Magnum. In this post, I’ll review the required techniques.