Modeling laminated cores in Magnum and PerMag

Although Magnum and PerMag are magnetostatic codes, they can often be used to find AC magnetic field distributions (e.g., transformers and motors). A static field calculation provides a good approximation when the electromagnetic wavelength is much larger than the system scale length. The issue is complicated by the presence of iron and steel, because the speed […]

Interaction forcing in GamBet

Recently, a GamBet user reported calculations where the code violated conservation of energy by several orders of magnitude. This is the type of statement that generally catches my attention, so I decided to investigate the issue. An inspection of his input files showed that he was using a bremsstrahlung forcing factor of 1000. If I were […]

Large mesh plots revisited: program-not-responding

Several users have reported intermittent plotting problems when working in Windows 7 with large meshes (i.e., millions of elements) in our 2D and 3D programs. I addressed the problem in a previous blog . In recent tests, I found that the precautions I described in the blog were necessary but not sufficient to ensure reliable plotting. […]