New program features: October 2010

We are releasing updates of all programs in our catalog through the month of October. We have made improvements to all packages with major changes to the TriComp (2D) programs. The new version numbers are TriComp 7.0, AMaze 3.1 and GamBet 2.2.

The following general improvements apply to all packages:

  • We added bitmap buffering for displays in all graphics programs. The technique was essential to ensure completion of plots with large numbers of elements or vectors in Windows 7. At the same time, we took opportunity to improvement in user experience with both 2D and 3D plots. The regeneration of complex plots in considerably faster and smoother.
  • Graphics programs have the new command, Save plot file. It allows the user to save a version of the current plot screen as a high-quality BMP or PNG file. The user may use standard pixel dimensions or specify a custom format. The command is the first step toward a capability for generating movies of the temporal and spatial variations of physical solutions. The feature will be introduced with the February 2011 upgrade.
  • More attractive color selections are used spectral color coding of calculated quantities and region boundaries.
  • Coordinate input with the mouse is more convenient. Press the F1 key to enter the current coordinates values from the keyboard or F2 to toggle snap mode.

In addition to general improvements, the TriComp programs have several new features:

  • The number of physical regions in a solution has been increased 127 to 250.
  • Solution programs have higher accuracy. Double-precision arithmetic is applied consistently and output and data files are recorded with higher precision. All programs that utilize TriComp field solutions (Trak, OmniTrak, GamBet,…) have been updated to recognize both old and new output formats.
  • Solution programs include support for multi-processor operation. The technique may reduce run time for solutions with very large meshes.
  • Analysis operations in EStat, Nelson, PerMag, Pulse, RFE2 and TDiff are controlled by configuration files (similar to those introduced in June for the AMaze programs). With this capability, analysis programs may be optimized quickly for specific calculations (e.g., dielectric versus conductive solutions in EStat). Users can create custom configurations, omitting information not directly related to an application or even adding their own quantities. User-defined scalar or vector quantities may be used for plots, interpolations, volume integrals and surface integrals. Note that the standard configuration files supplied with the packages support all analysis functions of previous versions.
  • Analysis menus include a complete set of tools for plotting vector quantities or tracking field lines. Features include improved vector arrow plots and an interactive field probes.
  • Many plot settings are saved in the registry and restored the next time the program runs.
  • Plot styles have been improved. The Filled contour style provides a dramatic display for presentations or publications.
  • There is a new interactive tool to view the steps in mesh construction and the evolution of field solutions. This feature is useful to identify convergence problems or to set up educational demonstrations.

Note that input scripts for Mesh and the TriComp solution programs are completely compatible with Version 6.0. Here is a link the update status page:

As programs become available, members of our free update program may download packages at no charge. The procedure is quick and simple. Running the new installer replaces programs and instruction manuals without affecting activation or run data. Please contact us for download passwords.

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