Using Solidworks with MetaMesh

We’ve made a considerable effort to support the import of solid objects as STL files from SolidWorks and other CAD programs into MetaMesh. After several iterations and refinements, the procedure is highly reliable and relatively easy. We’ve received very good comments from users. As a SolidWords partner, Dassault Systèmes graciously sends us the latest code version […]

Designing electron sheet-beam injectors with OmniTrak

There has been considerable recent interest in the design of injectors for intense electron beams with non-circular cross sections. The motivating application is the generation of narrow sheet beams to drive novel high-frequency, high-power microwave sources. A sign of the importance of the problem is that U.S. taxpayers have felt compelled to spend 2.743 gazillion dollars […]

Numerical solution of transcendental equations

In technical work, often we must deal with equations that do not have an algebraic solution. In this circumstance, we must turn to numerical methods to find approximate values at a set of points. Powerful programs using sophisticated methods are available, but they are often an overkill. In this article I’ll describe some garage mathematics to […]

Symmetry boundaries in Magnum

Finite-element calculations are performed in a finite volume. Therefore, we must deal with conditions on the boundaries. Boundary conditions in Magnum program for 3D magnetic fields have some subtleties. This article is a reference on when and how to employ symmetry conditions.

For top speed and efficient use of memory, Magnum calculates a  scalar quantity ? rather than […]

Designing solenoid lenses for electron beams

The solenoid lens is the most common device for focusing and transporting electron beams. The first figure shows an r-z plot of the geometry. The solenoid coil has average radius R and axial length L. The magnetic steel shield serves two purposes:

Limit fringing flux to minimize inference with other optical components or nearby instruments.
Reduce the number […]