Graphical coil display in MagView

In our three-dimensional magnetic field code Magnum, electromagnets are driven by coil assemblies created with the MagWinder utility. A coil assembly is a large set of filamentary current elements to represent windings of any shape or degree of complexity. In previous versions of MagView, the superposition of current element information on standard mesh and facet plots […]

Universal high-flux electron gun design

A issue often arises in electron gun design: for a given voltage, what is the highest possible beam current? By electron gun, I mean a conventional circular device. A sheet beam injector could extend without limit in the long direction and theoretically generate infinite current. Furthermore, I limit consideration to guns with an anode aperture rather […]

Processing all Mesh files in a directory with Python

We are wrapping up the Pulse program for magnetic field diffusion, the final component in our major update of TriComp packages this month. The final task is to test all the examples that are included with the program package. The first step for each example is to generate a Mesh output file for input to Pulse. […]

Updating old TriComp input files

Although our programs include modern interactive dialogs for solution setups, we use the time-honored method of text scripts for program control. The function of the input dialogs is to create the scripts. As we have mentioned in the past, there are several reasons for this approach:

You can directly edit the files to make small changes.
Scripts may […]

Keeping your programs up to date

Updates are the dark underbelly of software ethics. Most commercial programs are relatively mature, with sufficient features to satisfy almost all users. Nonetheless, there is an economic conundrum when you make a product that never wears out. So software vendors must continually hype specialized features to create a desire for a new (but effectively identical) product. […]