Python versus Perl

Our software is designed for integration into complex sequences controlled by external programs or scripts. This integration is facilitated by the following features:

All our programs may be launched from the command prompt or may be called by other programs with pass parameters.
Although the user interfaces are largely interactive, our programs feature input buffered through text scripts. […]

Improved 3D plotting

The generation of attractive and accurate three-dimensional views of meshes, particle orbits and calculated quantities was a challenge in creating 3D finite-element programs in our AMaze series. The standard approach to 3D graphics is to use a library like OpenGL where surfaces are approximated with the the minimum number of facets that provide a psychologically-satisfying sense […]

Making movies with the AMaze programs

A previous post described new graphics features planned for the AMaze series of programs. They will be included with the October 1 update. The motivation is the creation of animations (movies in AVI format). We are adding expanded capabilities to the initial-value solution programs and postprocessors to generate sequences of BMP plot files, either autonomously or […]