Case study of a high-current electron beam system

Three new tutorials are available in the technical library that describe design studies for a hollow-beam, high-power klystron. The documents include material of general interest to anyone interested in high-current electron beam technology.

In the case study, an annular electron beam with kinetic energy 100 keV and power 20 MW power is generated from an immersed cathode […]

Saved Views in MetaMesh and the AMaze postprocessors

Plotting is critical to understand meshes and field solutions in three-dimensional spaces. In consequence, we have included a wide variety of options for creating plots in MetaMesh and the analysis programs PhiView, MagView, HWV, RFE3View and Aerial. For example, the following information is neede to create a 3D view of a mesh:

Parameters of the point of […]

Advanced 3D graphics and movie capabilities

We’re making some major advances in the graphics capabilities of programs in the 3D AMaze series. We expect to release updates in the early Fall.  The improvements lie in three areas:

Saved views
It takes effort and experimentation to set up optimal 2D or 3D views in postprocessors like PhiView and MagView. We are adding an option to […]

Expanded plot features in MagWinder

One of the major task in simulating three-dimensional electromagnets is the definition of complex drive coils. The utility MagWinder is part of the Magnum program suite. Drive circuits are represented in Magnum by dividing them into a large set of short segments (or current elements). MagWinder provides an interactive environment where users can build magnet windings […]

Tutorial: electron gun design with Trak

Vacuum electronic devices for microwave generation (e.g., klystron, traveling wave tube,…) require high-current-density electron beams matched to a focusing solenoid. The standard approach is to use a gun outside the field that generates a converging beam. The motivation is to allow relatively low current density at the cathode, consistent with operation at moderate temperature for long […]