Tutorials: pinched beams and EMP

We added seven new tutorials to our technical library:

1) Trak design of an electron injector for a coupled-cavity linear accelerator. Electron gun that maintains its focal properties over a broad range of current for high capture efficiency in an electron linac.

2) Calculating field stress on a high-voltage insulator with HiPhi. Determination of field stress over the […]

New CAD editor compatible with Mesh

Mesh is our automatic generator for 2D meshes of conformal triangular elements. The program includes a convenient Drawing Editor to define boundaries of regions (physical objects) in the solution volume. This mini-CAD utility is easy to use and has many useful features. Nonetheless we included the option to import data from popular CAD programs for two […]

What's new in TriComp 7.0?

We are currently completing an upgrade of the two-dimensional finite-element programs in the TriComp series. This is the seventh version release since we created the original programs in 1989. Because our customers receive free updates, we issue new versions only when there are significant improvements. Although the technology development for TriComp 7.0 has been completed, we […]

Visualizing mesh construction

A comprehensive upgrade of our 2D TriComp series of programs (Version 7.0) is nearing completion. Beta versions of the major packages will be announced in our June NewsNote, and the complete set of programs will be available for update in October. We’ve made some serious technical improvements:

The number of solution-volume regions has been increased to 250.
The […]