Soothing Windows irritants

I have developed software for Windows since 3.1. On the whole, Windows has evolved to an excellent operating system with a high degree of consistency and continuity for developers. I became acutely aware of the advantages of Windows through painful experiences distributing programs in Linux. This said, the question remains: why is Windows so irritating to […]

Emittance of a circular beam

Emittance characterizes the degree of disorder in a charged particle beam. The transverse emittance parametrizes the thermal spread of transverse momentum. Random motion results in an effective pressure that determines focusing forces necessary to confine a beam as well as the minimum spot size of a focused beam. My text Charged Particle Beams (available for download […]

Emission surfaces in Trak

A user recently sent a Trak setup where ions from an emission surface mysteriously moved backward, apparently in opposition to the electrical forces. The cause and resolution of the problem provide a good illustration of emission surface techniques.

To start, it is important to recognize 1) the concept of open and filled regions in the TriComp programs […]

Using your laptop in your lap

This article represents a detour from the rarefied atmosphere of finite-element numerical methods and the Maxwell stress tensor. In it, I’ll describe how to build a computer accessory that might be the most useful one you own.

It is ironic that the last place you would ever put your laptop is in your lap. First, your clothing […]