Bulletproof 3D CAD import

From a cross-section of recent setups submitted by users, it’s clear that data import from programs like SolidWorks is absolutely necessary for a practical 3D mesh generator. We’ve been adding such capabilities to MetaMesh for several years. The method for the analysis of STL objects in MetaMesh 2.5 was well-received by users. Nonetheless, occasionally I […]

Working on multiple computers

Backup and synchronization are inevitable problems when you work on more than one computer. There are two issues: 1) backing up work you have just performed and 2) transferring files to another computer without accidentally over-writing newer versions. The problem is of particular concern for me as a software developer working in a variety of locations. […]

Using postprocessor configuration files

We released AMaze 3.0 this month. One of the main advances is the use of customizable configurations for the postprocessors PhiView, MagView, HWV and RFE3View. In this article, I will review how you can deal with configuration files and the advantages they offer.

Running the post-processor

To begin, existing users have nothing to worry about. As an example, […]