Magnum in parallel

Conversion of the 64-bit 3D AMaze programs to parallel operation is ahead of schedule. We expect to have parallel versions of all programs (including OmniTrak) ready for the update release on February 1, 2010. We just finished upgrading Magnum (magnetic fields), our most popular 3D program. Magnum can be computationally intensive, particularly in runs with saturable […]

Multiprocessor roadmap

Over the past few years, we have had several inquiries about the possibility of parallelized versions of our codes. The questions have come mainly from people in the vanguard of technology with specialized cluster research machines. We were hesitate to jump into parallel programming until multiprocessor technology reached most of our users. Instead, we concentrated on […]

Essential freeware for scientists

There is an wonderful variety of high-quality freeware available on the Internet for scientists and engineers. This is the set that we use on all our computers. We’ve tested each program for utility, reliability and safety.

HP41 C calculator. On-screen calculators don’t usually provide the satisfaction of a real one. This simulation is such a good copy […]

Magnetic force field in a conformable postprocessor

Several months ago, a potential customer asked me about using Magnum to calculate forces on small iron particles in a magnetic separator. The force on unsaturated particles in a fluid with relative magnetic permeability ?r = 1 is given in SI units by the expression:

Fm = (1/?o) *(?r – 1)*Vp*B*gradB.

Here ?o is the magnetic permeability of […]