3D STL View Utility for Geometer

STL (stereo-lithography) files are the pathway to import information from SolidWorks and other three-dimensional CAD programs into MetaMesh. The method has proved reliable and is applied with increasing frequency. For some time Geometer has had the capability to display STL objects referenced in MetaMesh scripts (FileName.MIN). Information from STL files is automatically loaded with the script. […]

Fixing an electron emission surface

We were recently contacted by a Trak user who encountered an error of the type Could not locate emission surface. He had modified an existing solution involving space-charge-limited emission, replacing a flat emitter with a convex surface. The problem and its solution illustrate some useful techniques in Trak and Mesh.

First, the problem. The first picture below […]

Penelope results for low-energy electron backscatter

Recently a potential customer decided not to proceed with a purchase of GamBet. He had spoken to a a user of another Monte Carlo package who claimed that Penelope (the radiation physics core package of GamBet) underestimated electron backscatter ratios at low energy. Because such rumors are self-perpetuating, I decided to carry out calculations to put […]