The Lassie Effect

When a solution leads to strange or unexpected results, customers invariably assume there’s a bug in the code. In a way, I can’t blame them. They’re probably used to using software from other companies. Over the years, I have often found that surprises are messages from beyond ? the program trying in its touching way to comment […]

Permanent magnetic material data for PerMag and Magnum

Today I received a package of information from Miki Shen at Magnequench, a manufacturer of neodymium powders for bonded magnets. The E-mailing to developers of magnetic-field software included comprehensive measurements of the properties of their materials. The package represented good marketing and good science. It’s surprising how difficult it is to get quality data on magnetic […]

New tutorial library

Our programs have a wealth of special features to address advanced applications. One potential problem of technical software is that beginning users face a flood of riches and may not be aware of program capabilities available for their applications. From my experience, template setups are a good solution. An example that addresses a specific application and […]