Vector tools in Aether 2.0

In our effort to complete Aether 1.0, it was necessary to concentrate on technical aspects. We included basic plots and interactive features in the Aerial post-processor. The rudimentary capabilities got the job done, but often they don’t display the true quality of the field solutions. With Aether 2.0 (to be released March 1), we had the […]

WaveSim boundary rules

During a recent WaveSim overhaul, I checked all the examples and substituted the new AbsLayer command whenever possible. I sensed that a big challenge to new users was knowing how to implement boundary types. Information is spread through the instruction manual and is sometimes difficult to find. This note gives a capsule summary of rules the […]

When all else fails, do it right

WaveSim (for time-domain electromagnetism) is one of my favorite programs because it generates such interesting physics. You can spend hours with the program rebuilding your friendship with the Maxwell equations. We don’t have as many orders for WaveSim as our static-field programs, so intervals may accumulate between tuneups. Therefore, I was happy when a consulting project […]

Electron backscatter at low incident energy

Electron backscatter in an important process in models of high-voltage X-ray sources and collectors for high-power microwave tubes. A GamBet user reported observing backscatter ratios below the expected values. He had made two changes in our standard example of electron backscatter from a gold foil:

Reduction of the incident electron energy by an order of magnitude.
Initiation of […]

Why does it run so slow?

I recently received two complaints from users about long solution times for 3D calculations. In this article, I want to say a few words about computation speed.

In the first case, a trial user had concluded that the AMaze programs were unusable. He found it took 5 hours to process a single case with MetaMesh. The resolution […]