Setting recorded quantities in TriComp programs

I recently finished a consulting project using EStat that involved comparing values of an electric field component along the scan lines for several solutions. The standard approach is to create a short analysis script to run from the EStat analysis menu. The script opens a data file, loads each solution and performs sets of scans. Because […]

MetaMesh import from SolidWorks and Alibre

During the slow time over the holidays, I had an opportunity to investigate the transfer of geometric information from two solid-modeling programs: SolidWorks┬« and Alibre┬«. The medium for data transfer is the neutral STL (stereo-lithography) format. In principle, it should be possible to work with all 3D CAD programs. My tests showed that the quality of […]

Cosine coils in Magnum calculations

I recently completed a consulting project to design an electron-beam scanning system with difficult requirements: 1) dual axis scanning, 2) large beam diameter, 3) large deflection angle and 4) short magnet length. The conditions demanded a large magnet aperture, precluding a conventional dipole with a narrow gap. Ultimately, I used two cosine coils with 90┬░ angular […]