Edges in electrostatics

Edges are the bĂȘte noire of finite-element calculations. (I was one of the only ones who paid attention in Mr. Saperstein’s class, so I like to use phrases like bĂȘte noire.) We all have a natural inclination to crisp edges that look good in plots. The issue is how much are we willing to pay for […]

A Tale of Two Tech Helps

(Note: January 20, 2009. SolidWorks released Service Pack 2 on schedule and fixed the problem with the STL options dialog).

I recently had an opportunity to be both a tech helper and helpee. The incidents gave me cause to reflect on some advantages of a small company (like ours) versus a large organization. We have long accepted […]

Setting boundaries in electrostatic solutions

Finite-element electrostatic field solutions apply to finite volumes. One of the most common difficulties that new users of EStat and HiPhi face is how to deal with the boundaries of the solution volume. The challenge is to set boundary properties for the best representation of the physical system.

To illustrate, consider the fields generated by the two […]