HiPhi boundary input from EStat

Many improvements to our programs follow from user suggestions. My consulting projects often provide motivations for new features. I am presently working on a simulation of a large cylindrical vacuum insulator for a pulsed-electron-beam injector. The issue is whether non-symmetrical flaws in the insulator surface will cause substantial field perturbations. I started by creating a 2D […]

Creating DXF files for Mesh

Recently, I had a consulting job that required loading vectors from a complex CAD drawing to the Mesh drawing editor. The work gave me an opportunity to correct several small errors in Mesh when handling large drawing files. It was also a good time to reflect on optimal approaches to creating and importing DXF files for […]

Dual voltage modulations in OmniTrak

In the Track mode (single-particle orbits), OmniTrak has long had the capability of including temporal modulations of electric and magnetic fields to approximate RF fields in the long-wavelength limit. For electric fields, the procedure has been to multiply potential values by a modulation function M(t). Recently, I have worked on an application to design an RF […]

What computer to buy

I often have inquiries about the best computer to buy to run our software. A related issue is the maximum block of memory that can be allocated to a single task. This is a particularly vexing issue that I discussed in a previous article. With accumulating patches and security fixes, 32-bit Windows-XP has devolved to a […]

Example library improvements

Learning technical programs can be difficult. There are many details to enter correctly and many potential pitfalls. My belief is that working examples are best way to help new users get a quick start. Over the years, the growth of our example libraries has been a bit haphazard. New examples reflecting current consulting projects could overlap […]