Automatic solution control with Perl

When we have inquiries about automatic control of calculations, my stock reply has been that it’s easy, just write a Perl script. After about 15 years of such replies, I thought the time might be ripe to show that this is actually possible. In this post, I’ll work through an example that illustrates the main operations […]

Floating potential of an open region

In EStat and HiPhi, the term floating electrode refers to a fixed-potential region where¬†? is determined by capacitive or resistive division. In other words, the potential depends on the electrostatic solution and is not known in advance. For regions with non-zero volume, the standard method is to assign a high value of conductivity or relative dielectric […]

Software training videos

The end of September marked a turning point at Field Precision. Since 1989 we have been steadily adding to our catalog of 2D/3D technical programs. With the release of Aether, our catalog is complete. Our programs now cover the full spectrum of electromagnetic field applications. Future work will concentrate on 1) adding new program features, 2) […]

Surface electric-field listing

To check for breakdown conditions in high-voltage systems, it is useful to know the distribution of electric-field over surfaces of electrodes and dielectrics. Recently, a customer who has used the software for 10 years asked me if EStat had this capability. It took me several minutes of searching to answer the question. My conclusion is that […]

Thermal flux on a surface in TDiff and HeatWave

I recently had an question from a customer about how to set a boundary with a specified thermal flux. Although there is no explicit command for boundary flux in TDiff and HeatWave, there is a simple procedure using the volumetric source capabilities of the programs that is quite versatile. Using it, you can set normal flux […]