Arrhenius rate integrals in computer thermal solutions

Arrhenius rate integrals can play an important role in thermal codes for biomedical applications and we have added the capability to TDiff and HeatWave. The purpose is find spatial regions where significant chemical changes have occured in applications like RF tumor ablation. The changes induced in tissues by heating are not a simple function of the […]

Combining dielectrics and conductors in electrostatic solutions

EStat and HiPhi can find electrostatic solutions for collections of ideal dielectrics or ideal conductors. I often get questions about how to deal with calculations where some of the materials act like dielectrics and some like conductors. The EStat and HiPhi manuals gives some brief guidelines. In this post, I wanted to give a more complete […]

X-ray target optimization and forward dose calculation (2)

The GamBet calculations discussed in the previous post generated a bremsstrahlung distribution of photons from a 6.0 MeV, 1.0 A point electron beam striking a tunsgsten target of thickness 0.8839 mm. The escape file from the calculation was filtered to include only photons at z = 20.0 mm within 10.0 mm of the axis. The photon […]

X-ray target optimization and forward dose calculation (1)

A common application of GamBet (our Monte Carlo radiation code) is the determination of the X-ray distribution emitted from a bremsstrahlung target and the forward dose at a distance. In this post and the next, I will work through an example to suggest the best approach to a solution. I will use parameters typical of my […]

Toss the word processor (3)

As the final installment in this series, I’ll describe how to add some convenient features to TexNicCenter. The most important issue is to make sure you can create PDF documents from Latex.

In TexNicCenter, notice the Output profile menu in the middle of the toolbar. When you start a project, it is set to the default LaTeX […]