Field Precision title

Field Precision creates finite-element simulation software for a broad range of applications: high voltage engineering, magnet design, charged-particle devices, microwave technology, X-ray imaging, and thermal analysis. Unitized 2D and 3D packages are complete and self-contained. Packages run under 64-bit Windows (XP,Vista,7,8 and 10) and feature parallel-processing support and unlimited memory access. The proven choice of over 500 universities, national laboratories and companies.

Electrostatics and high voltage Electrostatics and high voltage engineering
Calculations of field stress on electrodes and dielectrics, electric field lines, capacitance and electrostatic forces.
Magnetic fields and permanent magnet devices Electromagnets and permanent magnets
Magnetic field distributions and forces. Calculations may include drive coils of any shape, iron with saturation effects and multiple permanent magnets.
Electron and ion guns Electron/ion guns and accelerators
Integrated design tools for electron/ion injectors, accelerators and transport systems. Advanced features include beam-generated fields and secondary emission.
X-ray sources, radiation transport X-ray imaging and source design
Monte Carlo simulations of electron, photon and positron interactions in matter from 0.25 keV to 1 GeV. End-to-end design of X-ray sources.
RF and microwave technology RF and microwave technology
Resonator design, electromagnetic scattering, pulsed-power technology and microwave devices. Time-domain and frequency-domain solutions for 3D structures.
Thermal transport Thermal transport in solids and biological media
Dynamic and steady-state solutions of the thermal transport and bioheat equations. Features include radiation boundaries and perfusion. Option for power input from microwave and X-ray calculations.

Five reasons to choose Field Precision software:

  • Speed and efficiency. The technical programs are coded for unmatched number-crunching performance. You can run 2D solutions in seconds, 3D solutions in minutes. Packages feature unlimited memory access and parallel processing support for 64-bit multicore computers.

  • Affordability. Packages provide full 3D capabilities within the budgets of small companies, consultants and universities. There is a single-time purchase price with no continuing license fees.

  • Accessibility. The easy-to-learn packages include full-featured graphical-user interfaces, libraries of ready-to-run examples and textbook-quality instruction manuals.

  • Accuracy and advanced capabilities. Field Precision programs constitute the most powerful technical software available for charged-particle devices, radiation transport and pulsed-power technology.

  • Extensibility. Technical program inputs are completely transparent, and all programs may be called from batch files or external programs. Power users can create automatic control structures or feedback loops for intensive calculations.